Demo design guide
for virtual demonstrations


A lot of characteristics of virtual demo events are similar to on-farm demo events. Demo events in general focus on showing and understanding innovation within a working farm context or within a local setting, and this is also the aim of virtual demo events. They equally should be based on knowledge exchange between farmers or between farmer and innovations actors (advisers, researchers, input providers…).

Similar to on-farm demo events, virtual demo events exist in multiple formats, depending on their objectives (e.g. dissemination of knowledge, provision of advice and solutions, co-design of tools, research development, …). The broad range of virtual demo events can be divided on two characteristics scales:

types of virtual demos


  • the number of participants: from less than 10 to more than 200, related to the prior set objectives
  • the degree of peer-to-peer learning: virtual events could have the aim to maximise the exchanges between farmers (and other stakeholders) with a high level of peer-to-peer learning or to maximise information and innovation transfer with low interaction.


The design guide for virtual demonstrations focusses on virtual demonstrations that take place during a predefined time and (virtual) space. Because we believe that only in this way a good peer-to-peer exchange amongst participants can be ensured.

Examples of virtual demonstrations can be found on our inspiration from practice page.


  • This design guide for virtual demonstrations contains all steps to take for organising a virtual demonstration, including tips and tricks.

download here

  • This document provides you all you need to know for the development of a good video: which materials to use, the writing of a script, the publication of your video, ...

download here

  • Download here the instruction to try the virtual farm on you Android device. A simulated gaming platform was created, to represent a typical mixed farm in Europe. The platform can be used on a standard desk top or laptop or using an android phone and cardboard headset to get an immersive experience. Click here for more information

download here