Inspiration from practice


Other inspiring videos can be found on our FarmDemo Youtube channel and on the FarmDemo hub.

Inspiration for demo objectives and target groups

  • Here you can find some examples on how farmer networks and programmes can aid in the definition of your demonstration event objectives and target groups.

The Reine Mathilde programme in France

A network of organic pilot farms in Germany

A German project on knowledge transfer between practice and research in organic farming

A German network of organic demonstration farms

Inspiration for demo farms

  • Here you can find a bunch of videos on demonstration farms

Stiegenhof, Kanton Zurich

Tangmere Airfield Nurseries

Russell Smith, UK

Renner Farm, UK

Jolandas and Ad Raaijmakers Demo Farm, The Netherlands

Swiss future farm

The Reine Mathilde programme in France

  • A description of all demonstration farms that were used as a case study in the projects AgriDemo-F2F and PLAID can be found by clicking this link.

Inspiration for demo set up

  • This video explains how to prepare a demo event in 10 steps.

Prepare a demo event in 10 steps

  • Get a glimpse of the different types of demo events with different set-ups.

Event at Samuel's sheep farm in France, where a lot of participants had to circulate.

Event for agricultural science students at Karrol Kissane's farm in Ireland

Cross visit on efficient water use management in Portugal

Event on motherbound calf rearing in Germany

Grassland days on precision livestock farming in Switzerland

Machine demonstration on destroying an alfalfa crop without plough and herbicides in Switzerland

Good practices from an event in Denmark

The digital farm in Serbia

Innov'action in France

Field Labs in the UK

  • These videos provide inspiration on how to organise big agricultural fairs

International working days 2019, Belgium

International working days 2019, Belgium

  • Get inspired by these examples of virtual demo events.

A day in the life of a farmer, Instagram Takeover in Ireland

Farminar on organic strip cropping, in the Netherlands

The greatest online agricultural show, in UK

Webinar Dairy Picknick, in Belgium

Inspiration for promotion

  • These videos show how you can use a video as a teaser for your event

Teaser video for "Cereals in practice" in Scotland

Teaser for the AGFF- Waldhoftagung in Switzerland

Teaser for an ackerbautag in Switzerland

Inspiration for learning and facilitation methods

Tips on how to increase interaction during your demo event

Community engagement at Tangmere farm, The Netherlands

Simple methods for soil evaluation you can use during a demo event

Peer-to-peer learning in farmer working groups