Virtual demo

As for an on-farm demo event, you should promote your virtual demo event amongst your targetted participants. Promotion sources for a virtual event are similar to that of an on-farm event. Make use of mailing lists, website(s), social media, radio, newspaper, … .

Invite participants for registration

An invitation for a virtual demo event, should include:

  • the event name
  • the objective of the event
  • the time and date
  • the agenda with key note speakers, if relevant
  • a link to register for the event

Provide additional information after registration

Once participants have registered, provide them with:

  • a link to the platform
  • a manual with easy guidelines on how to log in to the platform (if the participants are not yet experienced with the platform).
  • Any other relevant information, e.g. presentations, videos, agenda, that could be addressed in case of technical problems.

If necessary, provide some assistance to the participants who are not yet familiar with the software or platform you will use during the demo event.