Virtual demo
Specify the objective

When  organizing a virtual demonstration, a first thing to do is to specify your objectives. More specific objectives will allow you to take the right decisions for the set-up and content development of your demonstration. By answering 3 question you be able to come to a well specified objective for you virtual demonstration: why? , who?, what?

VD objective

Why do you want to organise the demonstration event?

Guiding questions to answer this first question are: what do I want to achieve? Do I want to inform, train, consult, discuss or collaborate with people? Is a virtual demonstration a good solution to reach this?

Who do you target?

Good insights in your target participant group and its size, help to define how you will set up the virtual demonstration and which content to provide. You should take into account aspects like language, regional legislation, sector, experience with the topic, computer skills, hard and software capabilities, network bandwidth.

What do you want to demonstrate?

Specify the topic and what exactly you want to demonstrate. To describe this in a detailed way, you can perform a task analysis. A task analysis identifies the job tasks that learners should learn or improve, and the knowledge and skills that need to be developed or reinforced to perform the tasks in a good way . Click on this link to FAO document on e-learning methods, for more information on how to perform a task analysis.